Milk & Honey Catering
"We didn't invent catering....we just perfected it"
We pride ourselves on our ability to meet any need with style and creativity, assuring the success of your event.  As one of the leading restauranteurs and caterers in our region, Milk & Honey Catering specializes in brunch, We know eggs!

 We will be happy to assist you at any time with placing your food and beverage orders. Simply call the catering sales office and an Event Planner will walk you through the process of planning your event. No matter how small - or big,
Milk & Honey Catering is here for you.
We want to make every event, a special event!
Owner/Celebrity Chef
What sets milk & Honey Catering apart from our competitors is the fact that we have Winner of the Food Network’s hit show “Chopped” and winner of DC’s Best Main Dish, Chef Sammy Davis as the creator of our menu items. The best seller is Chef's tried-and-true favorites like his 5x Award Winning Shrimp & Grits recipe,  Maryland Style Crab Benedict,  Vanilla Cognac French Toast, and everything in between.

Chef Davis has won many awards in Atlanta, including “Best Tapas” 2006 and has had several appearances on GOOD DAY ATLANTA. He has aligned some of the best Chef's to assist him in his business ventures and takes a hands on approach toward decising who will and will not work for him. Whether it is in his restaurants or his catering set-up team, he demands only the Best.

Chef Davis has chosen each menu item featured and in keeping with his desire for only providing the BEST to his customers, each item is guaranteed to please.

Private Events and Cooking Presentations

Chef Davis is available for private parties and cooking presentations. Additionally, if you would like Chef Davis to appear at your catered event, there is an additional fee.

For his engagement fee, please contact a member of our Catering Sales/Event team at:

Owner/Managing Partner 
With 20 years of experience in the restaurant/bar business, Monique knows her stuff.

As co-owner of the successful Milk & Honey Cafe Restaurant Group, she has an uncanny attention to detail and high standards in terms of the quality of food and service. This mindset carries over to the catering side of the business.  Monique possesses a strong work ethic and is a hands on manager when it comes to every aspect of the business. From pricing to menu options, Monique calls the shots for how the catering business functions.

"It is by listening to our customers that allows us to gauge what needs to be tweaked and changed to assure each customer is pleased with our service" 

Catering / Events Manager 
Connie is a phenomenal Catering executive. She possesses an extensive sales career in both the hotel and hospitality industry.  A cosummate professional, Connie epitomizes what we describe as a "People Person".  She will always be your first contact for all catering requests.  She knows Milk & Honey menus in every way and is well versed in assisting our customers develop the perfect menu selections for their scheduled event. 

"I believe in assisting our customers create not just a list of food to provide to their guests, but instead an "experience".  Milk & Honey made it's name by offering up comfort food, and that transfers to our catering clients. Food brings us together. I know I have done my job well, when I receive feedback that the event went well."
Dir. of Human Resources/Marketing
Belinda is our "make it happen" team member. She handles all the paperwork. From staffing our restaurants and catering team, as well as producing all of the marketing material you may have come across online and off, she does a great job in making sure potential customers understand what Milk & Honey has to offer.

"From the  marketing standpoint, this is the easiest position I have ever held with any company. Actual "marketing" as it is normally viewed, is not the case with Milk & Honey. The food sells itself. One customer that enjoys their meal is our marketing. It is the reason why we have the long lines and sold out reservations. Our food is unlike anything you will ever experience."

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